Buried in the Bed

by First Thought Worst Thought

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released September 3, 2016

"Bummer jams about a loved one's alcoholism and attempted suicides."
- First Thought Worst Thought

First Thought Worst Thought's Buried in the Bed is a blur. In a metaphorical sense. The blend of shoegazey folk and hazy, blunted lyricism, filtered through a lens that borders between consciousness and drunkenness, gives the listener both a feeling of rest and restlessness. In that, there comes the beautiful blur.

Recorded and Produced between January and July 2016.

All Production, Recording: First Thought Worst Thought

Art by Vanishes - vanishes.bandcamp.com

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An experimental record label owned by experimental musician Jacob Hutto.

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Track Name: 7 am
waiting for the confirmation that you're not half dead
was a challenge that i couldn't meet so I left to rest my head
in a torrent of fitting weather I stumbled to my car
and the rain it looked like smoke as it crashed down on the tar

and I thought to myself out loud
you just wanted to make us proud

the parking lot was unattended there's a note left in the booth
it says this place is filled with death and my tie feels like a loose
I was simultaneously sympathetic and upset
sometimes life gets too heavy and you have to clear your head
so i got inside my truck, and drove it up around and down
till i was spit into the boiling street, the rain felt like a crown

and I thought to myself out loud
I just wanted to make you proud

on the highway I was shaking from the wind and from the rain
and I wondered how to tell the boss I can't come in again
when reality itself was torn asunder from the sky
and from the big gaping hole descended a big ball of light
and i bet if you were with me you would learn you want to live
and all the day to day problems melt away as the car skids
and in the morning you'd wake up ready to take on the day
and I'd finally have the courage to say I'm sorry I cant stay

and I thought to myself out loud
I really want to make you proud
Track Name: bloats
I feel something in my gut
a baby born out of a punch
text from dudes you said were gone

hips that swell and climb the stairs
a knowing smile an awkward stare
a mistake that's just fodder for your friends

I feel something in my gut
a tumor born out of shitty luck
its too much rum and too much sleep again

I'm a dick you called me out
a critic that can't leave the couch
all that chitchat never does a thing
Track Name: fits
we love it when you laugh
so show some teeth

little girl
we hate it when you twirl
the world spins with you

common sense
I've tried to make amends
cause I hate that I love you
Track Name: amy real
amy real
heart of steel

How I'd love to take your place
Know what makes you wanna say
"I'd rather drink than be ok"
were you happy was it fake?
Track Name: after 30
I will bury you in the bed

white as a sheet
cold and weak
someone who's name I've never known

still I will bury you in the bed