A Mouth Full

by Good Boy

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released November 19, 2016

"I think this is growing up."
-Good Boy

The title of Good Boy's new album, A Mouth Full, is quite prophetic of what it has to offer. Dizzying, disorienting synthesizers and vocoders, dwindling guitars, and colorful, terse bursts of energy, composed and comprised aside George's soft spoken, illusory-filled lyricism. Quite the mouthful indeed.

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Trite Ice Records Spring, Texas

An experimental record label owned by experimental musician Jacob Hutto.

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Track Name: Captive Space
where we are
the sun ain't bright as the stars that we hang
where we are
the moon don't light up the sky like the bells do
captive space
as we float through portals to a land of escape

we fly as high as we want get high as we want to-oo
we fly as high as we want get as high as we want to-oo
Track Name: Wild Honey Wilderness
you're wild honey
i'm just a honey bear
wrestling up a tree
rustling up your leaves

the water feels so cold
the air feels so old
i feel so young
with you
right by my thumb
Track Name: Hologram Fields
stained my mistakes on you
graphics ain't that real
Track Name: Chemical Falls
april has fallen
hands around my neck
august has called in
1,000 years gone dead
memories turn to polaroids burn
the chemicals hurt more when you're not heard
catapult into a new step

never change you never change
Track Name: Thinned Out Dreams
growing thin
painted by a soured skin
growing thin
tingles dance my dead beat day

growing thin
Track Name: UMOTB
what if the house fell on me
what if the sky fell on us baby

what if the world just cast us out
what if life's just a dream
only joking, it's beauty in me
Track Name: Awake (in conversation)
i love my family
Track Name: My Plant Just Died (dream reality)
all night
in your room
the stars high
drift away with the vision of our bed

with the vision of our bed
with the vision in our head
with the vision of our death
of our bed

move along
i'm trying to act like i'm okay
my plant just died
what's next? if it's my pet i can't take it

and the vision of our bed
is trapped inside my head
with the vision our death
with the vision of our bed
of our
Track Name: Talking Faith (in my sleep)
jesus as my bible i will learn to learn from you
i'll look up at the sky and i will never feel blue

oh yeah baby, it's you
call me crazy, but i'm true

with jesus as my bible i will feel inside my heart
put a book of God into words a bible to my life

oh yeah baby, it's true
call me crazy, but it's you
Track Name: Big Heads (thanks, ED)
i want to find you
a new home for your head
if we die we'll be dead
we're the perfect ghosts

flowers in my head
burning past the degree
my brains are happy to be me
i die happier here
Track Name: To: Good Boy inc. (i love you)
i love you so much. here is to the future